Vendor Surveillance Inspection Services

Vendor Surveillance Inspection, often referred to as "Third Party Inspection", "Witness Inspection" or "Source Inspection" is provided by Qualcon throughout the US and Internationally.

What Is Vendor Surveillance Inspection?
Qualcon's Clients provide Purchase Orders and Procurement Specifications for products or services ordered and qualified Inspection personnel are assigned to witness predetermined Quality Control inspections and tests, review material certifications, weld procedures, and monitor specific processes. Vendor Surveillance Inspection provides the Purchaser assurance of receiving materials meeting specified requirements.

When is Vendor Surveillance Inspection beneficial?
The need for, and value of, Vendor Surveillance Inspection can be evaluated based on some basic questions, such as:

bullet Does the product ordered require the supplier to implement special controls to meet specifications?
bullet Are the products being installed in a critical application?
bullet Would failure of the materials have a serious impact on personnel health & safety or the environment?
bullet What could in-service failures cost in repairs and lost production?
bullet Would defective materials identified in final production or integration have a serious impact on the project?
bullet What costs could these delays add to the project?
bullet How many contractors, sub-contractors and management levels do requirements have to pass through before they reach the shop floor?
These are only a few of the many reasons that make Vendor Surveillance Inspection a wise investment.
Qualcon believes that most vendors want to provide quality products and services. Many of the problems detected during our inspections are attributed to our expertise in Quality and our ability to focus our resources on inspections, tests or processes that directly affect our Client's final product.
Many times the Purchaser's specified requirements have to pass through many contractors, sub-contractors and management levels to reach the shop floor where the work is performed. The full scope of work is often lost through this maze of companies and personnel who are unfamiliar the the quality requirements contained in the original procurement documents. Qualcon fills this void by supplying our Inspectors with purchase Orders and Specifications straight from the Purchaser.
Developing the Quality Plan
The key to an effective Inspection Program is establishing a Quality Plan with the manufacturer so that all parties understand their responsibilities.
The Quality Plan should address such aspects as:
bullet Responsibility of the supplier, purchaser, and Qualcon.
bullet Material requirements.
bullet Destructive and nondestructive tests required for individual components.
bullet Identification of approved drawings, material specifications, weld procedures, destructive and nondestructive test procedures.
bullet Performance/Functional Test Requirements.
bullet The Quality Plan should identify specific tests, inspections and records where witness, monitor or review points apply.
bullet Sufficient prior notification of Purchaser and/or Qualcon prior to scheduled witness, hold and monitor points.
bullet Industry mark requirements such as the API Monogram, ASME Stamp, CE Mark, or others, as applicable.
When the Quality Plan is required as part of the Request for Quotation, the supplier is aware of the Purchaser's commitment to quality and a clear understanding of what is expected can be identified in the initial stages.
Qualcon maintains a staff of Quality Professionals to assist in review of Quality Plans and Procedures to assure purchaser requirements are adequately understood and defined by the manufacturer prior to production.
Typical witness, monitor and hold points include:
bullet Review of material certifications for chemistry, mechanical testing, and heat treatment.
bullet Witness, monitor or review weld procedure and welder qualification tests or records.
bullet Witness ultrasonic, magnetic particle, and liquid penetrant examinations. Review of radiographic film to verify appropriate interpretations made by NDE personnel.
bullet Witness of dimensional and hardness testing.
bullet Witness or monitoring special process operations, such as welding or heat treatment of critical components, complex materials, or special alloys.
bullet Witness final functional, pressure and/or performance testing.
bullet Monitoring of coating applications to assure maximum protection throughout the product's service life.
bullet Witness tests for products designed for applications requiring strict cleanliness and freedom from contamination.
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